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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business owners in Newcastle, Australia

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There are many ways to market your business on websites and the best platform for this is your very own website. So, you can display everything you want people to know about your business and product/service.

The way you display your information online is a reflection on your company and it impacts whether potential customers will choose to use your business.

Also, Business Marketing Services Newcastle is important to market yourself on your own website in a way that both current and potential clients will respond well to. Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners in Australia. The specifics of what marketing will work depends on your audience.

We can help by providing expert business coaching service Newcastle, so you can make the most from your website, and we can even help develop your website too.

The next best way to market through websites is with ads! You can use partner sites to display your ads or pay for a service like Google Ads. This will mean more people will see your website and increases your chance of getting a lead.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is the largest platform for growing your business, customer base and following. There are 3.81 billion people in the world using social media so if you’re not using it for your business, you’re missing out!

Using business accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter exposes you to billions of potential new customers. You can show your new online audience who you are and what you do and some of that audience will become paying customers Also provide best online business training programs.

You can even post ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for business. These social media ads will mean your posts will be seen by users with interests that line up with your business, not only your current followers.

Targeting ads to new users will expose your business to likeminded people, but it is still important to post non-advertisement content as it will act as an archive of information when people look at your profile.

It will also mean your current clients see you in their newsfeed regularly and will be more likely to follow through with a sale. Our social media coaching services will teach you what kind of content your audience will like and how often to post it.

Google My Business

Have you noticed the box of information that appears on the right-hand side of Google when you search for a business?

This is Google My Business, a business directory system that shows your information in a concise, accessible and easy to read format.

Businesses can choose which information is shown such as business name, photos, location, phone number, email address, maps and reviews.

It lets potential customers easily find information like address and phone number, so they are more likely to use your product/service.

It is a great marketing method as more than 90% of internet users use Google. We offer Google My Business services where we can setup the service for you and provide coaching on what information should be included for the best results.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing is the most direct way of marketing your business to your target audience. It involves sending out regular emails to both current and potential clients to advertise your business and its offerings, as well as providing information that will be relevant to your audience and creating a positive reputation for your brand.

Over time, as you send more emails and build up your reputation in the customers’ mind, they may end up using your business for their requirements. This, like every form of marketing, requires consistency from the business so the audience can see how reliable you are.

When email marketing, it is important not to be demanding or too focused on, as they will see the email as an advertisement.

You need to write in a way that presents information as in the client’s best interest, and only part of it should be sales orientated. We can coach you on what to write in your email marketing to achieve the balance of sales and relatability.


Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is Google’s online advertising platform where you can create and distribute ads in the Google search engine, on the sites they own and on websites and apps too.

These brief advertisements are a great way to expose your business to a huge new audience, increasing the chance of new customers. The ads can be banner style, pictures or even videos and are a great way to target marketing to new clients.

We at Bottrell coaching can coach you through creating Google Ads and what works well, or even help you create them.

Graphic Design

A business’ graphic design is a huge component of marketing. It entails all the design elements of your business, from your logo to your website design to the graphics on the content you post.

Marketing with graphic design helps a business portray a clear message and style, by making sure all their visual material is cohesive and aligns with their goals.

Graphics heavily impact how potential clients view the business, as it is the first visual contact they make. Having a unique design for your business helps customers easily recognise a business and starts up a brand recognition in their mind.

This means they feel familiar with your business and may be more likely to choose you.

We can coach you through what your business’ graphics should look like and what will be most effective. Our in-house graphic design team can create new logos and visual materials for your business or even just tweak your existing. Business Coaching Newcastle, Australia


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